There are times when I just randomly feel this surge of depression and all these immense feelings of suicide rush through my mind.

And then I tell myself, “Stop that. Youre stronger than this.” and I think of all the good things in life and all the things that I wont be able to let go of if i do pass this life.

I cant help but be put off by the terrible things in life. But its the other things in life I’m very grateful for. 

Like my friends. Im often told I’m a social person, I have a lot of friends, I’m easy to talk to. But here I am, talking to a computer. telling this machine my feelings of anxiety. Despite the fact that I can talk to anyone about anything, I choose not to. Because right now I feel more alone than ever…

Rogue DID want to be the next Dragon King… I WAS RIGHT! :D

Dragon Manipulation Magic sounds so stupid… My Acnologia idea was so much better.

Im guessing theyre gonna kill Present Rogue in order to kill Future Rogue… Because Natsu is a dragon slayer he may take possession of him, just like how he took possesion of present Rogue during that fight with Gajeel



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